About me

My name is Beata Walczak

I am graduate of State High School of Arts and the department of painting (the studio of Prof. Łukasz Korolkiewicz) in the Warsaw School of Art. 
Painting is a very important part of my life and it still extremely fascinates me. I paint what interests and touches me at the moment. It all depends on the point of my life where I am at the moment. What I paint is my individual path resulting from my development, experiences, it is effect of everything that has happened in my life. When I’m painting, I’m searching for myself and telling the world about this internal journey.
I paint usually with acrylic on canvas and sametimes on wood.
Painting is very addictive activity, I paint all the time, even if I don’t spread the paint on the canvas, new themes, compositions, colors arise in my head anyway.
I take inspiration from all areas of life, people, nature. I follow what I like and what I believe in.
The heroine of my paintings is a woman. I always talk about a woman. I’m trying to paint woman feelings – the words that we can’t necessarily say out loud, but that we can read on woman’s face.
In my opinion painting should affect, should touch, never be indifferent. In my case it takes place on the level of color, emotion, subconscious. But to tell the truth I don’t like talling about my paintings, because I have just painted what I wanted to say. And I always let the viewers analyze and interpret it carefully, because watching art is a very personal, intimate experience and does not need a guide or an interpreter, so I do not want to interfere. The viewers know best how to look at and how to feel. I believe in their sensitivity and receptiveness. They are usually able to tell themselves much more about my paintings than I do. And quite often it happens that someone, while looking at my works, finds their stories in them, so I dont think there is anything that communicates better than art.
I am active artist in the field of graphics. I design posters, books, visual identifications and also designed websites.


2022 – “Jare gody”, Art in the bushes, Group exhibition, Jazdów, Warsaw
2022 – Art & Design 4. Internet auction of works of art and unique design, Warsaw
2022 – Art&Design 3. Internet auction of works of art and unique design, Warsaw
2021 – Art Inspire vol. 1, Group exhibition, Warsaw Spire, Warsaw
2021 – „Woman 22”, Group Exhibition, DESIGN LOFT 22, Warsaw
2021 – New Era, Virtual Group Exhibition, Art Number 23 Gallery, London
2020 – Journey Inwards, Group Show, Montserrat Gallery, New York
2020 – „Light sensitivity”, Post-competition exhibition at the Gallery of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers, Toruń
2020 – Swiss Art Expo/ArtBox Project Zurich 2.0
2020 – Art Fair/Targi Sztuki Dostępnej, Warsaw2019 Art Fair/Targi Sztuki Dostępnej (spring and autumn edition), Warsaw
2019 – „Non-obvious reality”, individual exhibition, Galeria Mazowiecka, Warsaw
2017 – „Meeting with art”, a collective exhibition of paintings and graphics. Galeria Autograf, Warsaw
2016 – „Exhibition of illustrations” – collective exhibition, Ethnographic Museum,Warsaw
2015 – „It s my party” – individual exhibition, Galeria Autograf, Warsaw
2014 – „Art as a gift” – collective exhibition, Galeria Autograf, Warsaw


2020 – 1st prize in the national painting competition „Light sensitivity”, exhibition at the Gallery of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers in Toruń